Dress Down Day

This is my second attempt at this blog today, for some reason the one I spent an hour putting together, somehow vanished goodness knows where, and I've failed to retain the words that I struggled to find. So with this in mind, I'm not going to get angry but just try to summise what I said first time around.

The base of it was my lack of sleep last night, so today I'm not getting dressed, and after a cooling shower, I've slipped back into my pyjamas and dressing gown and preparing for a quiet day of reading and writing, while nursing a bad back.

I've been overjoyed this week at being in touch with a friend of mine who has been off the radar for some time. She and her husband have just experienced the joy of their first born child, a boy, who will grow up in a beautiful part of the world, with fabulous parents and hopefully, a love of books.

My wife is away in the South West of England visiting a poorly friend, so it's a time of quiet meditation for me over the next couple of days, thinking about the week ahead and my 64th birthday next Tuesday. Not quite a milestone, but we will be celebrating with a quiet lunch and time with family.

The a depression scale of lets say 1-5, (five beingthe danger zone), well pleased to say I'm well below one. Enjoy your weekend.