A Winters Day

These days, I'm no good in cold weather!, just can't function like I used to. So after talking to my wife, I've decided (for the most part), not to venture out at night. There will be exceptions, like 'Beer & Carols' at our local pub but apart from that , no, staying in.

I have been reviewing the past year, and scanning my written journals for the highs and lows of 2017. To be honest, it's been slightly on the 'low' side of the dial. Which gives me enormous room for improvement over the next twelve months.

I'm writing this entry using my new computer. My old iMac was dying, so I've purchased an Ockel, a PC no bigger than a smartphone, beautifully designed and plugged into my TV monitor, so I can type away in the warmth and comfort of my own living room, rather than cream at the Mac in a cold garage. All these things make my life much more manageable, all to the good of my 'head'.

Things are OK, I have decided to 'fight the flab' belt around my middle, as I think that getting physically fitter will have an enormous impact on my mental health. We shall see. Hugs and back soon.