In A Deep & Dark December

Pinch, punch, first day of the month. As a five year old, clinging to the railings of my infant school, I can recall that saying as if it was yesterday. Mostly because of the bullying I received from a girl who years later, I passionately kissed in the Palis-de-Dance, on Humberstone Gate, Leicester UK. We never dated, just one kiss. Sometimes I think the depression stems from childhood, other times I think it lingered as a by-product from the addictions. Who knows?.

I'm trying to get fitter, much fitter than I've been of late. That of course involves discipline, which doesn't come easy to this guy. Nevertheless, it's needed as my waistline is just beginning to cascade over the waistband, so into action I go. Watch out for updates.

We do however eat very well in this house with NO junk grub. My wife wouldn't allow it even if I was incline to consume such crap!. It's not the food I have to get to grips with, it's the amounts.

I hear that snow is on it's way to these parts. To me it's a delight, and in no way effects my state of mind. So  here I go to post the first Christmas cards of the season, and take advantage of this glorious winter sunshine. Back Soon.