In The Small Hours

We cannot reach complete understanding of the meaning of life. We can only discover its direction.  

- Tolstoy

Last week and weekend turned out to be a particularly busy time for my wife and myself, which I mistakenly thought would help with my erratic sleep pattern. Instead of calm, peaceful nights, I suffered a string of two hour nightmare filled episodes, only to awake with the shakes, dry mouth and frequent visits to the loo.

Fortunately I can 'sleep in' during the day, but I rarely do. Over the years the habit of rising early in all seasons has been very hard to break. So mostly I listen to the dawn chorus while I munch on burnt toast, and shovel down a mountain of porridge laced with honey and chopped banana, while scowling at Radio 4's Today programme.

Late morning and early afternoon are usually my best times in a 'function' sense, I.e., writing my journals, emails etc, etc. And I sometimes I attempt an afternoon snooze.  

Talking to others with similar problems, it would probebly help if I could develop the ability to 'switch off' from the world and all it's ills. At the time of writing we are being flooded with reports and images depicting the very worst of humanity. Syria, North Korea, a volatile president, TOO MUCH!. In my semi fragile condition, this could I fear, conjure up the demons, so I'm beginning to look for the Off button.

Some really nice moments did occur though, in the times between the drooping eyelids. Lunch at Mrs. Bridges Cafe, the baptism of a lovely new Iranian friend, and time with our granddaughter, all help to stave off the blues. And right now, I must finish a most delicious cup of tea, made for me by the woman I love and head out into the new week.  

Next Sunday, April 23 is World Book Night', so why not treat yourself to a new book, have a nose around the bookshelves of charity shops, or just dust down a book you already have? Reading can be a great source of calm, it's worth a try.