On Stage

Last night (Sunday), I walked out of my front door just after 6.30, and took a long stroll in the beautiful evening sunshine. My destination was a pub, a popular venue in this city called 'The Donkey'. It's a great music venue for local bands, but tonight there was going to be allotted time for poetry readings, from a recently published anthology called 'Welcome To Leicester'. 

Its a collection of people's memories wrapped into verse, and my contribution was a poem called 'Leamington Street'. The wellspring for this was a sign I saw in the window of a rooming house along the aforementioned street in the early 1960's - 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Navis. All the readings went down very well the the audience, not I would guess normally exposed to 'Live Poetry' it was all part of World Book Night. And across from the stage, free books were being given away. 

To be honest, walking there I had a few pains of anxiety, thinking what would happen if it all went south. But it didn't and my confidence was given a much need boost. I walked home, and slept very well. Sometimes I have to push myself just a little further, just to see what happens. Two treasured friends were close by for support, that helped in a variety of ways. So thank you Art and Jacqui, just for being there.