Bank Holiday Blues.

This morning, I awoke from a deep, dreamless sleep only to find a small pile of books, mostly poetry collections strewn about the quilt, which I had forgotten to move before I'dropped off'. For the life of me I couldn't remember which book I read last, what I did notice was offcuts of paper and card (used as bookmarks), all over the floor. So whatever I was researching or looking through has now been erased from my memory.

"What the hell", I thought it gives me the opportunity to scan them all tonight and see if anything clicks in my head. I'm preparing for my annual Poetry festival, held in Wells next to Sea, every may and has done for the last twenty years. This will be my fourth visit and I'm looking forward very much to a weekend of spoken word by some of the UK's finest poets. This event really does drive away my demons, at least for a short time, and I come away feeling refreshed, inspired and full of zing n' zap.

Today my wife and I have been out to a country park in the Oadby district of Leicester, a place we had never frequented and spent a couple of hours walking around what was once ancient fields, listening to birdsong, saying hello to stranger's dogs of all shapes and sizes and just having some much needed 'down time' together. The brisk walk through the rich, green, brown and yellow landscape, a cold Spring blue sky above, is the perfect 'pick-me-up' for my blues invasions, and sitting here in my writing 'shack', I feel a rare moment of absolute 'peace'.

Tomorrow, I get my monthly head shave, and a meet up with a good friend of mine to discuss a film project to load into Youtube, which is basically me, reading poetry. back Friday