I Can't Stop The Rain.

'During an argument make your words very soft and your heart hard. Do not lash out at your opponents, but try to convince them. 

                              - WILKINS


The above is my feeble advice to all politicians in the coming weeks. It's a very interesting election to be sure, but I'm observing the whole bare knuckle fight from a distance, for fear of getting too depressed from some of the bullshit and half baked ideas coming from ALL sides. 

Sadly, our planned walk to Newtown Linford last Friday was rained off, literally. So we hung around home, sorting out those jobs that have been confined to the bottom of the list, taking a break for delicious eggs on brown toast, and a welcome afternoon snooze. 

On Sunday, we escaped up the Hinckley Road to spend the night at Bosworth Hall Hotel, and enjoyed a lovely room, good bar food ice cold drinks and an evening walk in the grounds surrounding this magnificent building, listening to far away sounds of birds in full chorus. Over the weekend I experienced one or two 'lows', just brief moments where the black clouds blocked out the light of reason, and I slipped, just for a moment, into the 'dumps'.  

Prayer has mostly worked for me, and of course that isn't for everybody and I'm not evangelising in any way. But the service at our local church was a pick-me-up, and I left both refreshed and ready for the evening ahead. 

I slept reasonably well in the hotel, the bed was firm and felt good on my lower back. That in itself helps me relax and reflect on the days ahead.  

Over the next few blog entries, I'm going to dig a little deeper into the background of my depression. Sharing is part of my continuing recovery, some of it won't be an easy read, my hope is you will stick with me and make of it what you will. For now, I definitely need more tea:)