Better Late Than Never.

'If we put ourselves into the place of other people, we lessen our pride' 

                             - TOLSTOY

I spent all yes, all of yesterday transforming our garage into a temporary workspace for my writing projects and photography. I say temporary because the long term plan is to have the garage reborn as a downstairs bathroom (and smaller office) sometime in 2018. When we find the means to do it that is. 

Hard physical work is something this body just isn't capable of anymore, but once I start something like this, there is no stopping me and I have to 'get it done and dusted'. Today will be a similar timetable as yesterday and after that I can just indulge in my favourite creative pastime, putting pen to paper. 

Work that involves a measure of lifting, carrying, cutting things into shape is however, good for me and my condition. Like daily exercise it helps to shift the mind into a more positive mode. I know many with similar problems to me, take to their garden for solace and the rewards have been tremendous. 

So having consumed a hearty breakfast of granola spliced with a juicy banana, ice cold milk and a mug of decaf coffee, it's onwards and upwards. Looking forward to that long warm show this evening.