Alone In North Norfolk

I'm tired, very tired, half propped up on the end of a very comfortable bed in the excellent 'Bang In Wells' B n' B, trying to stay awake long enough to write anything coherent and of interest. 

I'm here for the 20th Wells next to Sea Poetry Festival, and it opened with truly excellent readings from Michael Symmons and Paul Farley. There was a sizeable appreciative audience, and everything was superbly organised. 

More about the festival on Monday, but being here as I have done at this time of the year, for the last four years, gives me a great sense of peace. It's a weekend to charge my batteries, topped up with excellent stanzas,  

Poetry has literally saved me in dark times past, that's why I'm so involved on a practical level these days. The day has been very calm, I've had zero anxiety moments, so about to curl up and hopefully drift off with a backpack full of poetry collections,  

It's not for everybody, but the benefits of reading and absorbing the text, is well worth a try.