Walking Back To Happiness.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking" 

                             - Nietzsche. 

That famous quote from old Friedrich may be something of an overstatement, but I get his drift in my own way. I've always walked, but more so in the last twenty-eight years since emerging from re-hab. And yes, it is a very good way of clearing out the bindweed and brambles of the mind


Of late, my walking periods have been a little more intense in a serious effort to get much fitter and fight off the extra pounds that gather around my aging stomach. So when I started out on my trip to Wells next to Sea last Friday morning, I walked to the station (about 2 miles), rather than divi up for a cab.   

Upon arriving in Wells, I signalled the coach to stop on the edge of the coastal town, choosing a ten minute walk to the sea front. Over time, walking has helped elevate my 'downers', sleep better, and figure all kinds of head games out', when nothing else seemed to work. 

At the moment I'm doing OK, and managing to keep up the long strolls, not feeling tired or breathless, and at the age of 63, I feel this is money in the health bank.