Crawling From The Debris

Last Thursday, like many others I stayed up for most of the night watching the  results come in from all corners of the UK, which in totality, added up to one of the most confusing election outcomes in living memory.

So where does this leave us?. Absolutely nowhere in my opinion and I was so tired and mentally worn out, I didn't even blog the following morning. The weekend that followed was very busy, granddaughter duties, writing prayers for the Sunday service at church, a trip to Northampton to see an excellent 45 minute play, written by by good friend Stephen Loveless. No time to relax.

The good thing for me was that I've had some of the best sleep I can remember. Completely flat out for the last three nights. And I feel all the better for it. The week ahead is equally as busy, but there are gaps in which I can sit and think about how I truly am. Writing every day gives me a purpose, gives me an opportunity to take a long, hard look at the world around me and how I fit within its landscape.

Even thought I'm retired, my life is one of continued activity with writing, poetry, reading and photography, as well as the normal everyday things like cooking dinner for the wife, shopping and keeping up with what's going on in the world. But I have to be aware that moments of darkness can cloak me at any time, as it did one evening prior to the election, where I was 'pulled up' by a 'moment of despair'. Fortunately it happened late at night, by the morning it had fled, replaced by the ice blue dawn and birdsong. 

Back Friday......... promise.