My Struggle(2)

I've never been good with excessive heat, and as I tap out these lines on the fading lettering of the mac keyboard, I'm lilting sideways, sweat pouring out and harbouring little in the way of energy. That said, these last few days since Friday in fact, have been among the happiest I've know this year.

Yes, the demons have been there, sitting patiently on my shoulders, but they haven't disrupted such this special time with the family, or tripped me up in any way whatsoever. maybe they don't like the heat either and are taking a break from messing with my head., who knows?.

So many things. positive things have nailed another layer on my shield. Meeting with the Iranian lady for lunch last Friday, being with the family over the weekend, more precious time with our granddaughter, it all adds up.

But I know only too well not to get complacent, but I've also learned to enjoy the good times as and when they present themselves. Today, it's another battle to stay cool and stop the sun from melting my aging body. Underneath this present state of bliss, I have reason to hope that a reconciliation with a family member has for the first time in years, shown to have some promise.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'm giving the situation some deep thought and prayer. I've witnessed many miracles  in my life, but mostly  for other people. I'm keeping my head in the day, but I'm happy right now and not in fear of anything.