Like most bloggers, I make notes about what to say, what I have to remember and these are scribbled over two notebooks. One being a kind of 'diary' of what happened or a reminder of what happened on a particular day, the other being the rough draft of what you would read here on the blog.

The problem is I don't always use them, and sometimes forget what happened and when. This week however, `I've been so at peace and happy that I didn't physically write much at all in the 'raw' and that the time spent has been both productive and memorable.

Time with family, time with close friends, indulging in traditional photography, finishing books I've half read, and watching several movies all in one lazy day, out of the heat and sun. So all in all it's been a good week.

Now at one time I felt guilty for being allowed if you will, to be happy. I had such a low opinion of myself that any form of happiness no matter how small, I thought was a curse and a plague on my house. But learning to love myself, gaining some hard fought self esteem has played an enormous part in aquiring self confidence and the experience of joy on many levels.

As I write, I've recieved a text informing me that another close friend is on his way for coffee and catch up. So as I leave to make a pot of fresh coffee. Wishing all you readers and explorers a very happy weekend.