Day To Day

An unexpected bonus this morning, was seeing my granddaughter wave to me from an upstairs window in her house, just around the corner from where we live. There she was with her 'daddy', rag doll in hand blowing kisses and mouthing messages to 'Grandpa', most of which I understood. And I felt a million bucks for seeing her.

I was on my way to have my hair cut or more appropriately 'shaved' and as I had some time to spare, took the long way around which gave me more walking time. My hairdresser is a wonderful human being. I go once a month and I always without exception, leave the salon feeling on top of the world. It's the little things that make my life bearable.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon along with my wife at a local church group meeting, where the speaker was talking about the history and giving of Maunday money. I know four recent recipients, all I believe well deserving, and all had very interesting stories to tell. We came home and prepared a vegetarian dinner, both my wife and I are at least cutting down or in my case, out for good, red meat. It was delicious, but I'm under no illusion that eating more 'weeds' will have a dramatic effect on my depression episodes, but it can't hurt.

The weeke ahead is very bisy with guests for dinner, large family get togethers, and a four day trip to London, which will be equally busy and full of interesting adventures. Time to rest? are you kidding.