Looking Back On The Week.

This time last week, my wife and I were just waking up to the unfamiliar sounds of Kentish Town, North London. We were staying with my wife's son and our daughter-in-law, at their stylish apartment worth a fortune in our terms.

It was hot very hot and I was nursing a nasty wound gone bad on my left ankle, which at the time got me 'down'. But taking the opportunity of being away from our regular haunts in Leicester, went some way in cheering me up, so we set to work and made ready for three days of enjoyable experience. 

Visit's to the Bishopsgate Institute, Somerset House (for an exhibition of diaries), a lunch hosted by the Oldie Magazine and dinner at a superb Sardinian restaurant, all filled me with and zap and zing that took my mind of my itchy ankle.

A change of scenery, in good company is just what I needed. There were a couple of 'moments' whyen all I wanted to do was crawl under my blanket, but I found the strength and didn't go there. The one thing I didn't like was being stuck on the tubleline inbetween stations, when the heat was soaring, then and only then did I feel my heart racing. 

Since arriving back home one or two nagging problems have reared their ugly heads, I'm dealing with it as I write. But the morning is bright and warm, and a bar-b-q to look forward to tomorrow night. I'm hanging in there.