State Of Play

the dust is slowly settling from the firestorm of two weeks ago. Forgiveness has played the prime role in the healing process, and above all I've had to have a good, long, hard look at myself and many things have to change.

Photography and lots of writing have been the base of this latest recovery, simple things, lots of reading and lots of walking, No pills, no drugs of any kind have been recruited to quell the pain and temper. Thank goodness for that!. 

Today, this cold later summer morning has been an early riser. A very uncomfortable night, little in the way of deep, dreamless sleep, I awoke feeling itchy, and sticky!. I leaped out of bed and into a warm, welcoming shower and scrubbed clean. Now very, very awake I set about chores which had me moving and exercising, all before 5.30am. And it felt tremendous, doing something simple, yet necessary, a late discovery on my part.

So into the weekend we go. I'm going to be mostly housebound, so more in the way of study, film developing and writing. Please God, the road I'm now travelling will be free from pitfalls. I must be observant and have the ability to stop and take stock of any potential 'situation'. There's no looking back at the aftermath, or just like Lot, after the destruction of Sodam, I could be reduced to a crumbling pillar of salt.