In The Heat Of The Day.

I don't think I've ever been as uncomfortable with the Summer heat, as I have been this year. It didn't help last Saturday when I aquired a nasty bit on my left ankle at a garden party in the afternoon, only to watch the surrounding area of the target, explode into a sea of redness, after a night of intense scratching.

Looking at it Sunday morning, I was alarmed at the deep red blotch, which only began to heal after many applications of E45 cream, as my wife and I enjoyed a three day break in London, staying with my stepson and our daughter in law. 

Intense heat in bygone times had me scurrying for shelter, as Summer back then was a very depressing time for me. I couldn't take crowds, I used to panic and head home, dissapointing many a girlfriend and family outing. These days it's usually fine, unless I'm marooned in a confined space life a lift or tube train. Only then does the anxiety level start to elevate into the danger zone.

Thankfully while away I had no great cause of concern, just three days of excellent food, interesting people and places to experience. This coming weekend, I'm to read one of my new poems in the magnificent Leicester Cathedral. Am I scared of the prospect?, no not at all, Given opportunites like this are all part n' parcel of my continuing recovery. I just hope the heat subsides a little.