From Cafe To Cafe.

'All the best qualities of mankind are meaningless and worthless without kindness; even the worst vices can be forgiven with kindness'.

                                                                                        - Tolstoy

Today I've been the recipient of a good deal of kindness. People asking me 'how I am'. 'I haven't seen you for ages, how are you?'. Simple things, genuine enquiries that cost nothing. I almost wept with inner joy and my day was brighter and more fulfilled than it would have been, if not connections were made.

No less than three cafes have emptied my purse in the space of five hours. 96 Degrees on Braunstone gate, The White Rose next to the Cathedral, and St. Martin's Coffee House, in St. Martin's Square. In the latter I met up with author Jamie Mollart who I had not seen for almost twelve months. We jawed over books and grandchlidren, while eating fabulous food. Prior to his arrival I sat taking in the sounds, moans and groans of the passers-by, realising how lucky I am to have such fabulous friends and family.

Here in Leicester UK, the coffee shop has in many respects replaced the pub as a social meeting point and I for one think we are all better off for it. To rounbd the day off, I dropped into the Fair Trade Store and stocked up with various packs of coffee and dare I say it, chocolate:).

On days such as this, the depression is kicked into touch, and for now it's just a mug of gorgeous Ethopian brew and a small bar of dark caramel. Late afternoon bliss.