Out Of The Limelight

'People can live without need and without jealousy only when they lead a reserved life'

                                                                                      - TOLSTOY

I chose that opening quotation deliberately, as I've had to slightly withdraw from life in order to restructure my day to dat existence. And stepping away has not been all that hard to do. It's a matter of priority, making a list of you will about what's really important, and what isn't.

That doesn't mean locking oneself away, moving in different circles for a while maybe, just to live a quiet life in books and study. For instance, I've come off facebook for a period of four weeks - have I missed it? No.

In a way it's like taking an extended holiday, with the idea to convalesce, become stronger and clear the weeds from the path ahead. Right now, I'm enjoying the change, being mostly at home with the woman I love, making amends both to myself and those around me, who deserve nothing but the best from this writer. 

Being at peace is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and your family. As I work hard each and every day with the various layers of depression, that peace is sometimes challanged. But for me with the power of faith and arms of steel, those layers can be ripped to shreds and scattered to the four winds. It's blowing a storm today, and I'm winning.