Being Brave And Make A Quick Decision

'Power resides not in momentary desires but in complete calm'.

                                                                                          - TOLSTOY

A little earlier today, I told me wife that I didn't want to go out this evening to be with a bunch of people who count among our close friends. I've not had a particularly good morning and my head ia a little detatched from the rest of me. In other words, I'm a bit down. It didn't help listening to the President of the United States, claiming America is no longer a nation builder, they are just going to kill terrorists!. 

Enough of that flaming rhetoric, it's beyond any of my understanding, all politics is beyond me these days. For the sake of my own sanity, I have to detach from anything that smacks of political debate. 

So I've come here to write and report, while listening to a rousing tune on Classic FM. Well, not so much write as ramble, but I know I'll get through this 'moment', I mostly do now without too much 'fallout'. My wife has been the usual solid rock and helped me through this morning, and she fully understands if I have to 'step back' for a while and just be on my own. 

So tonight when she joins our wonderful brothers and sisters in study and prayer, I'll be alone, quiet, reading and writing. Simple, simple pleasures but so worthwhile.