Such A Beautiful Day.

'Do not be afraid of anyone, whether grand or humble, whether intelligent or simple. Respect everyone, love everyone, and fear no-one.

                                                                                               - CHANNING.

My darkness is cast out by many things, but today there has been so much light in my personal space, that there was no free ride for any negativity. My wife and I have had the most perfect, yes perfect day with our granddaughter, that a short while ago we were both close to tears of happiness.

It's so impoetant for me to have as many days like this as is humanly possible. This is my shield, my armour against the blackness that infests my thought process from time to time, and brings me to my knees. Today, I've added extra layers and I will go to be happy, without any fear and hopefully sleep like a log.

Tomorrow, I'm out and about with two good friends, indulging in my passion for urban photography. A day of exploration and discovery in my own back yard (Well, North West Leicester actually), but all being well I will come back with a bag full of digital and film images.