My wife and I have had the most amazing, chilled out week for which we are both very grateful. We haven't had a few days like this in years, and it's done us both a power of good. Recovery takes time, wounds have to heal, tears have to dry and forgiveness plays it's part. And above all the conversation has to continue and not dry up. So far all is going very well.

My depression has hit a low level, but what didn't help was the outbreak of a nasty rash which covered both arms. My wife whq worked in dermatology research, informed me that I have 'Contact Dermstitis', and I have grown allergic to the cheap shower gel I use.

It's clearing up now due to her expert nursing, and purchasing of very expensive shower gel that smells like four day old tea. But it's working and I'm very grateful for her hard work. This morning we are both 'doing are own thing'. We've booked a holiday in Wales for September, so I'm busy aquiring maps, notebooks, and novels about the area. A habit which for me expands the enjoyment of being away on unfamiliar ground.

Forever moving forwards, there is no going back to how life was nearly a month ago. It's going to take hard work, rethinking, and more honesty than ever before. Right now I need to put my back up against a wall, that for me being writing. Here goes'.