Monday, Monday.

Even with a good amount of broken sleep over the past two nights, I still feel remarkably refreshed this morning. My skin problem is slowly going away, the one tiny setback being I wet myself while asleep two nights ago. This has happened before, not in recent times, but I'm not too worried. It's just another nail in the living death of early old age. 

Changes are looming, I'm going to get much fitter and embarked in not so much an 'exercise' routine, but just adjusting my daily life to take in more walking, eating slightly less and to eliminate the thought process about what others think of me. I'm not going to be a punchbag for anybody, just quietly, very quietly get on with my own life, and enjoy the fruit of retirement. Lots more reading, writing and blogging.

For me, faith is twinned with forgiveness, the two go hand in hand, and in times past that process has helped me enormously. My father (who would have been 100 years old this month) and I, never found the time to forgive each other. And for years that burned inside me like a furnace. I've long since let that go, and when I did, it was one of the greatest joys I've known. 

Carrying pain forever and a day, got me nowhere fast, that's not going to happen again, ever. I'm still refusing to take medication for my depression, and will do as long as I can lift myself off the floor and fight it with everything I have each and every day. The battle rages on, but man, do I feel good this morning.