Sometime In Aberystwyth.

'If you are alone, think about your own faults; if you are with others, forget about their faults.'

                                                                                       - CHINESE WISDOM 

My wife and I have recently returned from a few days in what we consider to be a 'gem' on the West Wales coast, Aberystwyth. We travelled there and back by train which in itself was a delight.

Our hotel (The Richmond), was perfect, with good service and excellent breakfast. But the real joy was the walking, sometimes battling with the mighty west winds which blew in everyday, bringing some rain (not too much), leaving in its wake, tremendous cloudscapes and sundowns. Look elsewhere on this website to see some of them.

We badly needed this break, a change from the everyday, and we lapped it up like two young lovers, (which we're not), sneaking away for the weekend. While there I kept a seperate journal from my normal daily one, and throughout the week, scribbled line after line about how calm I felt, and how sometimes, we need that distance from home to think things through.

On the morning we came away, neither of us wanted to leave, it felt THAT good. But we plan to return, and next time walked the coastal path to Borth. I never had a single depressive moment while away, and now I'm back the feeling is that batteries have been charged to the full. I am aware that those batteries gradually run down. At the moment however, the arrow is still in the green.