Through The Eyes Of A Child.

'A person becomes happier to the extent to which he or she gives happiness to other people'

                                                                                                 - BENTHAM

Several days ago family and friends gathered together in a local church hall, to celebrate my granddaughter's third birthday. For two hours, the adults which included most of the parents, aunts , uncles, grandmas and grandpas, mingled with this lively outburst of kid chatter, as they screamed their way in and out the mini bouncy castle, and attacked the excellent snack food like a swarm of hungry locusts.

The sheer beauty of all this, shone like a beacon over the collective innocence, which will (in a few years time), mutate into study, homework, social interplay, in other words the inevitability of 'growing up' in an uncertain world.

My granddaugher has no concept of Grandpa's depression, and nor should she. I make up lots of silly stories for her like 'Gerry The Flying Goldfish' and 'Tommy The Talking Sausage'. She sits, listens, and most importantly, laughs at 'Silly old Grandpa'. These are moments in my life that have no price tag, and help me along where any kind of medication would yield no power whatsoever.

Thank you my darling girl. For everything.