On Reflection.

'Art unites people through their emotions'.

                                                   - TOLSTOY


I've been making art this past week. That is if you can call shooting on traditional camera film, developing the spoils in Caffenol (developer made from instant coffee, soad crystels and vitamin C powder).  It certainly unites the two guys I regularly go out with on what we call 'photowalks', as they are fans of the old photographic black arts too.

Photography has been a lifeboat for me of late, especially now having given up professional work and free from deadlines, into s situation where I can fire at will. Yes, along with the writing it's helped me through some dark and uncertain days. And now for the next four days, I will be making images of the West Wales coast, accompanied by my wife, celebrating 12 years of married life.

The weather isn't looking too good, but the dark cloudsand possible rainstorms will make for great images, both on film and digital. My Lumix G3 is set on mono mode. A slightly technical blog one may think, but all these details help and have helped me focus on where I am in life, and the road ahead.

I celebrated twenty years of friendship with a dear friend this week, and have another soon with a friend of forty years. Such wonderful people, sometimes though I forget just what I have, anyway, time to pack.