They Don’t Have To Understand, Just Listen.

I’ve just arrived back home from town, where I met up with one of my most cherished friends, over a pot of delicious tea in a city centre cafe. The beauty of that moment, is beyond words. He doesn’t judge, give out unwanted advice, make light of my plight, all he does is listen. 

How valuable is that!. In my experience, depression can at times put a great strain on personal relationships, including that of what we call our best friends. Back in the 1980’s I had a whole string of people who I thought were friends, abandon me, and I remember being angry and very upset. Looking back with the luxury of time, they were probably correct in their decision to gallop away. Not that I see any of them these days, but I don’t bear a grudge against any of these people. 

But there are those in my circle who give me the most precious gift of time, and today being with this wonderful man, a friend of the family, who I love dearly, has given me a peace of mind that has exorcised the monsters, that were bugging me earlier on today.   All thanks to him, my mate!.