Walking Away

This morning I walked away from a situation, a situation that could have ended in tragedy, for me that is. At a local gathering somebody appeared in front of me, that years ago I came to blows with and have never spoken to since. Looking t this person, I felt anger rising like a volcano about to blow. If I had stayed, despite being more calm these days than I’ve ever been, a confrontation would have occurred. I didn’t want that for either of us, so I got up and left.

Now there is an argument here for people to ask ‘why don’t I sort this out and sit down with this human being and just talk’?. It’s a fair question, but some things in life are beyond any reasonable form of discussion and this is one of them, for it involved vocal attacks on my family and an entrenched stubbornness of this person to see anybody’s view but their own. Just walk away.

Sitting here in a local cafe, drinking a regular Americano, I feel something close to cool and collected. I did what I would say to other people, just walk away.