The Worst Of Social Media.

Over the years, I’ve deleted my Facebook page at least three times. All have been the result of abuse of one kind or another, people from my past life who have nothing better to do than to try to embarrass me in front of a worldwide audience. Those people have now gone from my life, but quite recently somebody who I know said something very unpleasant, not derogatory, just categorised me in a way that was both offensive and unnecessary.

Ive forgiven this person, a Facebook friend who I know personally, but now unfriended as a result of this appalling behaviour. Trying to cope with depression in a world full of pitfalls is for me, a constant battle and sometimes my body armour is pierced, and I stumble. This time around I chose not to come off Facebook, but just eliminate the problem with several clicks of the mouse. I am sorry this has happened, not for me really, but for the person concerned. Sad.