Decision Time

It’s been a long time coming, but my wife and I have decided to leave the area, both of us have lived in for most of our lives, and go forth into a new adventure. Next year the plan is to leave Leicester UK, and head seventeen miles south to the town of Market Harborough, for what might turn out to be a much quieter life.

Recently, I sat for a few moments on the side of the Grand Union Canal, close to where we live now and thought about the move. For me personally, it would be good for my depression, as of late, it’s things, events if you will, happening in the area that have laid me quite low at times.

Rubbish in the street, burnt out cars, the angst, the general state of play here in the West End, have worried me for some time. Worse still made me very unhappy, so when my wife informed me that she wanted to move, after a moment’s hesitation, i climbed on board with the idea and been a different human being ever since.

Once those close to us had been informed, we set about looking for properties, and have a few to visit this coming week. Will I miss anything about Leicester?, yes, of course some things. But overall we are both up and ready to move on.

A bad, bad head cold, has seen me more or less housebound this past week. I’ve barely been able to string two words together. Thankfully, it’s in retreat and the words are coming, but slowly. There is a difficult period coming up, and I’m hoping that my faith and strength won’t abandon me in these times of need.

Grand Union Canal, Leicester UK.

Grand Union Canal, Leicester UK.