My Battle With Tiredness

It’s my own fault, not that I would but I can’t blame others for my lack of sleep. More often than not I find myself waking around 3.30 - 5am. and te first though is coffee, I need coffee. First mistake, and let me admit right here that coffee and it’s consumption is if you will, my last addiction.

Elsewhere on this website you can access my coffee blog (My Coffee Moments), and this has been quite popular among my fellow coffee lovers (not addicts). Coffee is something I love to write about and cafe culture is something I’m equally passionate about.

And therin lies the problem, my passion is at times the cause of my lack of real slumber. To be honest it’s something I haven’t addressed, and I know I should. One very simple method suggested by friends and family is to swap from full strength to ‘decaf’ during the ungodly hours, when I’m catapulted out of a bad dream, or need to dash to the loo.

I’m taking this onboard so will post an update in about a month’s time. But for now, lets grind some more beans!.

Leicester Cpffee 3.jpg