Confined To Quarters

These past few days have been rather barren in the way of blogs or journal entries. The reason being a very bad head cold, whose dripping entrails have affected my entire frame, rendering me pretty useless. In between coughing bouts, I’ve manages to watch three box sets on TV, several scrappy and badly written entries into my physical journal, and sleep for England on my comfortable bed in the quiet back bedroom. 

Is it good for us to have downtime from the rough and tumble of everyday life?, maybe it is. On Wednesday mind, I had a really weird experience, that everything I was doing (which wasn’t much), I’d done before both in speech and tasks. I’m sure I was just very poorly and didn’t see this as some paranormal event or time travelling communications from past lives, should they exist. 

in the midst of all this illness, there was a moment, thankfully just a moment of heavy depression where I decided to cancel all my forthcoming meetings with friends and colleagues, and was emailing furiously. I’ve since thought better of this and rescheduled some but not all. We are about to go away fro a week of relaxation in Tenerife, it’s a week away from going, but I’ve already packed the suitcase.