To Always Be Aware.

Last time I talked about social media at its worst. This week I have to report that less than twenty-four hours ago, I detatched  myself from a social media website, that was set up for people who battle with depression. I’m not going to give details of the site in question or it’s name, because it has nothing to do with the setup. The problem was some of the ‘posts’ I read in the daily feed, which I felt were, lets say, ‘not for me’. 

A decision was made, and I deleated my account and all the links. Let me say that what I saw wasn’t in any way suggestive or illegal, it just made me uncomfortable. When that feeling is present, I bail out, no matter what or where it is.  

It’s a sense I’ve developed over the years and it’s a major part of my armour of self protection. Later I discussed the situation with my wife. After explaining the what happened, she came to the same conclusion. If she hadn’t she would have been the first to tell me that I’d overreacted. We must always be on our guard, and do everything to protect our wellbeing. In the past, I have bore witness to far too many horror stories about people who should have walked away from difficult situations. No More!.