But It’s Raining

As usual I awoke early this morning to the sound of raindrops, tapping on the windowpanes, leading me gently to my floor exercises, breakfast of cereal, chopped banana and two rounds of brown toast and marmalade (no butter). And all was good with the world. 

That is until I switched on the iPad mini, logged into my emails only to be confronted with a bogus incoming, trying to hack my Amazon account. The last time this happened I few into a rage which did nobody any good, least of all myself. So this time around I stayed cool while I logged in and changed all my settings, adding some extra security features. 

Mothers Day, was spent taking early morning communion, and a visit I to my step-daughter’s place to have a magnificent lunch with my wife, our grandchild and the mother of my son-in-law. So welcoming and warm, there wasn’t a black cloud in my head,z all day long. Later I paid homage to my own mother on social media, which was picked up and commented on by various family members including my sister and cousin.  

The week ahead looks fairly stable, time I think to read and scan the books I purchased at an independent publishing event over the weekend, all of which is food and nourishment for my days to day battle with the dark clouds.