The Heat Is On.

Weve been back from a welcome break in North Tenerife for just over 48 hours, and I’m still wishing we/I was back there. This is the first time I can ever recall that I didn’t want to come from a holiday. We had the most wonder, relaxing time and the sun and overall warmth was just what my body, in particular my skin needed.

Being away, taking a break from the day to day routine and with little or no accesss to the internet was very welcome. I had the opportunity to write without distraction, in a comfortable environment, in the company of some interesting and ‘not’ so interesting people. Thankfully the latter was confined to one minor incident, when someone made a racist comment about my home town of Leicester UK. I avoided this ignorance for the rest of the trip. 

There isn’t a shandow of a doubt that being away was good for my depression. It was in part an organised trip to see places of interest, and the guide we had was absolutely magnificent. The blues didn’t visit me once. Even on the last day when we had enormous problems at the airport due to the bad weather, I managed to keep my cool, with one exception, when we were left knee deep in used food wrappers on the flight, when the cabin crew forgot to collect it, and looked at me with daggers drawn when I dumped it on them. 

Now I’m getting used to the cold again, but I feel mentally refreshed and ready to tackle what’s ahead this week. We’ve decided that from now on, one or two winter sprints to pastures hot and sunny, is on our agenda for the rest of our days. Money permitting.