The Power Of Words

When I began this blog site, I used to open up with a relevant or not so relevant quote. Well that will soon return, but what has lifted my spirits this week is a remarkable book of poems, composed by Jade Anna Hughes who lives in the United States. The book is called ‘Home’, and the poems are among the most striking and moving I’ve read in a long, long time.

Jade is also a talented photographer, and although I’ve never actually met her, we seem to share a kindred spirit with words and pictures. When I received the book a day or so ago, I was feeling a little deflated having spent several days in the sun and easy going atmosphere that was North Tenerife. Reading Jade’s poetry was like somebody lifetime me from the gloom, into the sunlight of beautiful literature, which for me is as good if not better than any medication. 

Thankyou Jade for brightening my return to home soil. Home, is highly recommended.