Things To Come

My wife and I have recently returned from the worst holiday, both of us have had in living memory. There were little or no redeeming features that I could mention from the whole ten days. I slipped a little into my shell, but came out stronger so thinking about it, a little gold emerged from the shitty streets of Palermo, Sicily.

With this in mind, I’m moving forward with new projects, beginning on Monday, April 23 which happens to be World Book Night. So elsewhere on this site will be a new book and coffee blog, and an update with several blogs on these pages talking about issues and events which have helped me of late. 

Exciting stuff (from this end anyway). Spring is here, and we spent yesterday in our back garden, cutting back winter growth and keeping an eye on what looks to be a poorly hedgehog. I sat out there until the stars came out, and watched several bats hunt for food on the wing. Back in a couple of days.