World Book Night.

Today being Monday, April 23, I can only talk about one thing. Tonight is World Book Night, and from early on this morning, I’ve been indulging in reading, browsing, choosing Lon, lost books from dusty and not so dusty shelves, to celebrate this little known event and relish every moment. 

Years ago, before the internet and mobile communication revolution, I buried myself in the healing power of words, reading countless books as part of my recovery. I didn’t have a TV or radio, had no money for cinema or theatre, but books were plentiful, and I found myself reading on park benches, peoples sofas, AA meetings, Town Hall Square, countryside walks, in fact anywhere and everywhere. 

Reading books led me directly to writing diaries and journals, and recovery from addiction, on a day to day basis. So I keep all this mind on this and other book celebration days, as I have the written word to thank (in part), for my soberiet. I’m still an addict of course, but the drug is in print form, or relieved by a Kindle from time to time. To you fellow readers followers I wish you happy reading and continued recovery.