Walking It Off.

Yesterday, I got up very early and walked into the city centre. Nothing out of the ordinary there you might say, except that prior to this I was laid low by the aftermath of bad dreams. Dreams that were both terrifying in the fact that they seemed so very real. 

this is happening to me a lot of late, and try as I might to make sense of everything, it does lay me flat and the blues quickly take over when my guard is down. This latest experience was beginning to way heavy on my waking hours, so I walked, at speed in the warm hazy sunshine and parked myself in the window of a popular coffee chain, got out a notebook and watched the world go by. 

I admit this was a ‘quick fix’, but it worked and the muted colours of the early morning to and fro’, dispersed the dull grey of nightmare visions, slowly but surely. It took a real effort to get out of bed, but in the end, the self motivation paid a huge dividend. Later I met up with two close friends, and we talked, well moaned actually, about the state of this and that and laughed a lot at our own aging thoughts and gripes. It all helps and by the time I was walking back home, all the horrors had been exorcised and obliterated.

Making the effort to pull clear of depression even for a short time, can be exhausting. But the effort has to be made. The alternative does not bare thinking about.