This last week has for me been one of the most stressful in recent memory. For the past four days, likable builders from Mansfield have been converting our garage into what will eventually become a utility room and office, the latter being for yours truly, to sit and write, think and get away from the world. I know things happen in their own time, but try as I might, feelings of anxiety overcome me and if it wasn’t for my wife, the more level headed one in this marriage, I would be a complete wreak.

As well as this, we’ve had very bad news about a friend in serious trouble, and the death of the husband of an old friend of mine, all of which have laid me low. Of course one has to try and get a sense of perspective, my wife and I are comfortable in our daily lives, not wanting for anything, but comfort has no bearing to the depressive, and at the moment I’m struggling with almost everything. Maybe if things go well next week and the builders make some real progress to the end product, I will being to settle, and the fog will lift.

At the moment, I’m burying myself in several books, in the hopes that page after page of decent writing, will give me a measure of protection from the world around me. So far it’s working, and I thank God for a loving family.