Blue Skies & Wispy Clouds.

Warm late spring and early summer days have such a soothing effect on me, it’s better than any medicine I know. Today is especially good, as I have the added bonus of the company of my stepson and my beautiful Japanese daughter in law. Like all my close family, I love them dearly and at this stage of my life, I find I need them more and more.

My wife and I have recovered from the cataclysmic holiday we had a couple of weeks ago. It was the worst time I’ve had in sobriety, and it’s the first time that I’ve ever considered completely eliminating the images from a foreign trip. I haven’t as yet, but I’m thinking about it. 

Next week, we travel to a tiny coastal town in Norfolk, with our immediate family, and we are both looking forward to those few days very much indeed. I’m so laidback today, writing about something meaningful and informed seems difficult, although I’m not usually stuck for words. Busy times ahead for my wife and myself, with serious beholding work just two weeks away.  

Looking around our small garden, there isn’t a lot of colour, mostly shades of green and reds, but it’s my refuge, my place of sanity. I was thinking about it last week on the way home from the city centre, where I bore witness to drunkenness, impatience, violence and zombie like trance in many people’s eyes. Scuse me whIle I dig out the sun bed and turn off all devices.