Social Media Nightmare.

I woke up this morning, with an overwhelming feeling to ditch 99% of the social media platforms I subscribe to. It was a little more than overwhelming, this was clear instructions, come from I know not where, but the truth of the matter was, that the ‘feelings’ were correct. 

Straight Away I went into action and sent a collective email to treasured friends informing them of my decision, and all came back with positive replies. There was one what I would call, disappointment. The reply was a thumbs down emoji, from somebody I thought would understand. I forgive this person, but it hurt a little. 

First to be dismantled was Twitter, and now I’m homing in on Facebook and Instagram. I’m keeping Goodreads, and that will be linked to my new revamped website, where you see this blog:) This evening looking back on the last few hours, I feel both stronger and much relieved that I will no longer be spending valuable reading time surfing through the shallow trash of Facebook.