Loosing The Plot

And I did, big time last Friday with the builder who is completely useless, full of bullshit, and I would not recommend him if he was the last person on Earth. His staff however, are first rate and if it wasn’t for them, it would have been a total disaster. This whole project (garage conversion into utility room and office), has stressed me out and brought me close to tears, many times in the last six weeks. The row I had with this man, left me drained, angry, so angry that my wife had to take over the proceedings, and is overseeing what is said to be the final week. We will see.

I’m much calmer now having had the most wonderful weekend with my family. My head has been cooled from the rancid outbursts of two days ago and I feel refreshed, and hopeful for the coming week. Earlier today, I paid a visit to a local museum here in Leicester UK, to see an exhibition called The Wolsey Angels. Please look up the New Walk Museum, for more details. It was a bright move, sitting there momentarily, looking at these four beautiful figures, a sense of calm enveloped me in the quiet of the room. My hope is that I can maintain that state throughout the next six days. Here’s hoping.