It’s finally over the nightmare that was the building project. As I write an excellent all round craftsman who was employed by this awful builder, is coming over to finish off and tie up a few loose ends. This guy is truly wonderful and takes pride in his work. The only redeeming factor of the whole sorry buisness, is that we’ve picked up some amazing skilled guys who know what they are doing, and numbers have been exchanged for future work. 

The last two and a half months have played havoc with my depression, so much so that I’ve had to take myself away both physically and mentally for the last week or so. Thankfully my lovely wife was able to step in and handle the final countdown so to speak. Now everybody has been paid off, so goodby and good riddance. From here on in, from the chair in my newly built office, my intention is that my blog posts will be more upbeat and deter informed. 




A box of free books is always a treat, these came just as the building work was coming to an end. It helped, it really did.