A Day Away Keeps The Blues At Bay

Today, my wife and I decided to pack our side and backpacks, and head out to the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, and explore the magnificent cathedral, drink afternoon tea, indulge in cake overkill, and turn back time by paying a visit to Oliver Cromwell’s house.

It felt so good to get away from the back garden, and the familiar sounds of our own district, as comforting as they are. Depression sufferers like me, can if not careful, isolate themselves from the outside world, and become chained to where they are most comfortable. With support, like that I have from my wife, I’ve not travelled down that road of late, and walking too and from the railway station, I could feel the benefits of a good walk, and a day out.  



Ely Cathedral, it’s magnificence is breathtaking, whether one is a person of faith or not. For me it has purpose being a Christian. But I love the surrounding area, and today spending time there was so beneficial to my continuing fight with the illness of depression.