Anything To Hand

Not been a good week to be honest. Some of it was my fault, some not and it would have been so easy just to sit back and wallow in the disappointment and heartbreak. But that isn’t the way for me these days. And by turning a low situation into a positive outcome has been the saving grace these past few days. 

For recovery, I turned back to my passion for photography, and got to grips with a project that had been on hold for sometime, the construction of a very large pinhole camera. The body I already had. It was a gift from an old friend of mine some years ago. What was needed was things like paper film holders and a tripod base, all of which are very expensive to purchase, so I went about making my own. 

I used oddments of wood and old drawers that had been gather dust and cobwebs in one corner of the garden shed. So with patience and imagination, with a good friend for company, the first stages of a new camera project for next Spring and Summer are well under way.  There is of course a lot more work to be done both on the camera and the ‘problem’ that still looms in the background. Both need focus. The way is becoming clear, but lots and lots of work and sacrifice are needed. Like all problems for the depressive mind, things have to move at a slow pace, with thought, consideration, and an ability to forgive. Not easy I know, but necessary.