Bank Holiday

Since retirement close to five years ago, bank holidays have less significance for me now, than ever before. But walking into the city centre this morning to meet up with a friend in need, I was struck by amount of people who are suffering from one kind of addiction or another. It might be just my imagination, but ther seems more than ever. Such a sad sight to witness, on this or any other day for that matter. 

I wasn’t too sure if I should keep the appointment with my friend, as the last couple of days have been rather difficult to be honest. And there are some tough times ahead, and some harsh decisions to make, but at the moment everything has been put on the back burner, as I’m incapable of making any rational choice. At least I know that now, unlike before when I used to quickly decide, and topple over very quickly as I hadn’t thought things through. 

A simple lunch is planned with a couple of glasses of ice cold water. My coffee intake has been enormous this morning, which hasn’t helped. What’s on the telly?