On The Move

Sometimes, you outgrow the area that you reside in. Both my wife and I feel that now after eight years at the present address. It’s just an idea at the moment, but both of us are getting itchy feet, even thought the idea came from my wife, which I have to say surprised me to say the least, given the fact we’ve just spent a small fortune on a conversion. 

The truth for me is, that I would take my depression with me wherever we went. It’s been a constant although unwelcome companion for most of my adult life. But a change would be good. We would both be moving in our 65th year, but we have been inspired by a new neighbour who has moved here to our area from Exeter, at the age of 88. 

a lot has to be thought about and considered over the next few months. We are due to go on holiday soon, in the far west of Wales. Maybe we will have a chance to think about things there. Autumn is almost upon us, tomorrow we will be moving the furniture around so we can have the full please of an open fire through the winter months. Cosy, safe and quiet. 


Doors to the old Leicester Polytechnic  

Doors to the old Leicester Polytechnic  

It may be De Montfort University to the many, but to my generation this is the old Hawthorne building where I used to go and see rock bands around 1970-72. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of those far off days.