At The End Of The Week

This evening we lit a fire for the first time this Autumn, just what we (as in the wife and I)’ needed at the end of a busy week. My fitness levels have increased with all the walking, daily exercise and a massive cut down on spreads, cakes, biscuits, etc,. The benefits can be felt in as much that my jeans, combats, all need to be belted tighter than they have been in years.

I’m finding as I did before, some years ago, that my depression is eased enormously, when I’ve been leaner. Of course I’m not saying that it’s a cure for the depressive, but it certainly helps, in my case anyway. There have been some ‘niggles’ in the last few days that have made little dents in my routine, and it well, annoyed me. Nothing to fear, but I have to be aware. Anyway, more wood for the fire.