Looking Back

When I was a boy, decent coffee shops in my home town of Leicester UK were in the minority. So when Brucciani came on the scene in the early 1960’s, it was a magnet for everybody who wanted to try decent coffee. This place in Fox Lane is very special to me, for on Valentine’s Day, 1989, I shared a beverage there with a man who was to change my life forever. His name was James, and he said something to me I shall never forget.

“Tony there’s only one thing you have to change in your life”,

“What’s that?” I enquired.

“Everything”, said James.

For that day on, I never took another drink, or use another drug. And I’ve been clean and sober ever since. This images were made almost a decade ago for a writing project, and only just been recently been found. I’ve not been inside Brucciani for a very long time, but I always stop for a moment or two when I’m nearby, and think about that day, almost thirty years ago, which led me into the world of re-hab, here EVERYTHING, got much better.

An old favourite with the Leicester Public

An old favourite with the Leicester Public

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